Kyllini Horse Riding Club

Horse Riding

In Kylini next to the thermal baths there is the Kyllini Horse Riding Club. For a separate activity in the Kyllini you can select a ride on horseback. 

In Kyllini Horse Riding Club you can find a variety of ponies, horses and carriages - with a pony or horse - to go ride, have fun and keep fit!

Kyllini Beach


A beautiful beach can be combined with everything. Next to the harbor, but this does not affect it, offers the opportunity to take a bath together with a good coffee, a nice ice cream, a delicious meal with fish and not only in the dozens of shops in the area. The beach Kyllinis reminds coast tourist island despite beach of Elia. Bathers will find beach chairs, umbrellas, showers, canteen and other amenities, while feeling comfortable by the presence of a lifeguard.

Lagoon of Kotychi


To the northwest coast of the prefecture of Ilia is the lagoon Kotychi and the southwest coast is the lagoon of Caiaphas, wetlands and ecosystems of great environmental value with beautiful beaches and ammothines.

Kotychi is a shallow brackish lagoon, which lies between the capes and Kounoupeli of Kyllini. It is the largest lagoon that has left to the Peloponnese, crusting of the lagoon Agoulinitsa, covering an area ranging from 7,100 to 8,500 acres, depending on the season and rainfall.

Monastery Panagia Vlaxerna

Monasteries - temples

In the western part of the prefecture of Ilia , 47 km northwest of the city of Pyrgos , near the village of Kato Panagia, 6 km from the castle Chlemoutsi is the Monastery of Vlaherna  . The time of founding is unknown , however, concluded that it is not earlier than the ninth century . As seen from the positions of the Frankish elements , the church began to build the Byzantines in the late 12th century and apoteleiosan Franks , who gave a Catholic monastic order of Glarentzas .

Spa of Kyllinis


The spas of Kyllinis Castle are on the north west coast of the Peloponnese , which belongs to the prefecture of Ilia and just across the islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia . The spas Kyllini is within the rural area of ​​MD Castle , located southwest of the village and the fortress Chlemoutsi , and 6 km away from Kyllini and 85 km from Patras . The name given to Kylini Baths because Kyllini located six kilometers from the Castle , has been known since antiquity as a port and as a settlement .

Chlemoutsi medieval Castle

Local monuments

Chlemoutsi Castle is located in the village of the municipality of Kyllinis

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