Port of Katakolo


Coastal town located 13.5 miles from the tower , is the seaport and is situated in the area of Ancient Pheias nestled on green hill . Katakolon is a narrow rocky promontory on the west coast of the Peloponnese , forming a cove deep enough . The shore and bottom are covered with fine sand .

The Tourist Port of Katakolon is a Marina with great growth potential , with potential to become one of the largest marinas in the country. Providing high quality services is a vital component of the Marina making it worthy competitor to the respective ports of Greece.

Church of Saint Nicolas

Monasteries - temples

Saint Nicholas  (15 March 270 – 6 December 343), also called Nikolaos of Myra, was a historic 4th-century Christian saint and 

Hiking at Katakolo


If you are in Katakolon, you should definitely take a ride on mountain village lanes and paths are ideal for walking, while many cyclists prefer. The scenery will surely amaze you, the combination of colors, the blue sea and sky with the green of nature is something unique! Walk the trails and enjoy the spectacular views. Definitely will enrapture the colors of the images created by the sunrise and sunset!

Port festival


With music that dominates and theater movies, graffiti & photo, painting, events & tales about ecology, the environment and social solidarity.  The Port Festival is held the last week of July in the area of train station of katakolo with an extremely rich and diverse program of concerts and educational and environmental actions.

Levedochori Beach


The small and the large beach of Leventochori. Both although less known little to foreign visitors are characterized by dark coarse sand and rocks that surround it. The picturesque landscape of the region prompted dozens of Ilians and foreign tourists to buy land and build traditional houses with the sea goddess. The calm and quiet can not be disturbed.

Katakolo beach


 The beach behind the port of Katakolon in recent years was upgraded with a series of interventions made by the port authority and offers in addition to grafikotitas with artificial and natural rocks that surround it, an organized beach amenities.

Korakochori Beach (Bouka)


It is one of the most "live" yet "unspoiled" beaches on the west bank. The Bouka beach belongs to the Local Community Korakochori. The district has set up an entire village that is "alive" every summer from the villagers. The shops, though few, have everything while the blonde sands and blue waters are the ingredients for a special summer exit. Best hours to coast at Bouka is in the morning and in the afternoon.

Monastery of Skafidias

Monasteries - temples

The Monastery Skafidias is located just 10 miles from Pyrgos and beside the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea, at the mouth of the river Iardanos. The visitor will stay away from eyeing the medieval fortress that surrounds it. The monastery of Panagia Skafidiotissas, from which it takes its name, was built in 10th century AD.

Skafidia beach


It is located 14 miles northwest of Pyrgos. Many say that this is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country and those who visit it then reinforce this claim! The beach of Skafidia, which was named probably because of its shape, remains wild and has scenic beauty. The creek gathers hundreds of daily visitors to the area while there are cafe - restaurants which embraces the visitors and captures the willingness to hang in there!

Leventochori Beach


The small and the great beach Leventochori. Both known to foreign visitors, it is characterized by dark sand and rocks that surround it. The picturesque landscape of the region prompted dozens of Elis and foreign tourists to buy land and build traditional style villas overlooking the sea. The peace and quiet is not tempted though!


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