Museum of Ancient Elis


Project of architect Anastasios Birre , the Museum of Ancient Elis constructed during the period 2002-2004 in the SE edge of the ancient city on the slopes of the Acropolis hill , in an area where previous diaskopiseis subsoil had shown that there were no antiquit

Palouki Beach


Palouki's beach is found in the 83rd km of National street Patras - Pirgos

Ancient Elis

Archaeological Areas

The extensive archaeological site of ancient Elis comprises the ancient agora, the theatre, the residential sector, the cemeteries, the acropolis, and the unexcavated gymnasiums. A number of settlements or suburbs, each with its own cemetery, developed around the city. Only small sections of the city have been investigated so far, but these provide enough information to help us imagine how the city looked.

Kourouta beach


Kourouta beach is an organized sandy beach located northwest of Katakolon, 30 klm's away from the port


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