Nemouta waterfalls


Within the limits of the prefectures of Arcadia and Elis and located near the mountain Erimanthos with eight (8) waterfalls. Height 15m to 25m. The route starts from the village Nemouta, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia. 

The path has infinite beauty but remains untapped. It is a sheltering treasure! The waterfalls of Nemoutas and of Erimanthos are among the most beautiful trails in the prefecture of Ilia.


Neda waterfalls


Neda is an area of  278 sq. km. km. It is the only Greek river with feminine name forms, an unspoilt natural landscape of unparalleled beauty in the southern part of the county. The name of Neda drives from the water nymphs and the nurse of Zeus. The river starts its journey from the northwestern part of the main sources of Messinia in the southern slopes of Mount Lykaion, and some on the northern slopes of Mount Tetrazio.

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