Panagia Cathedral Church

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The Byzantine Church of Panagia Katholiki at Gastouni is a two-columned inscribed cruciform church dating from the 12th century. It has a semi-hexagonal apse, dome with eight-sided drum and a narthex at the west side. The walls, with panels of reticulate tiling and double layers of tiles at the joins, are embellished with a plain ceramic decoration, especially dentil courses, and with embedded glazed bowls. The unique Frankish influence of the 14th century is seen in the pointed arch of the north doorway, now blocked.

Latsio Town Hall of Pyrgos

Local monuments

A neoclassical building, with imposing architecture and without something similar in Greece, which was created after a large donation of shipping magnate John Latsis and is the seat of the Mayor of Pyrgos, spiritual and cultural center.

Central Square of Pyrgos


The city of Pyrgos honors Dionysios Karagiorga giving the name to the central square of the city, one of the major central squares in the country, in Saki Karagiorga Square. Dionysios Karagiorgas was born in 1930 in Pyrgos.He joined the Higher Industrial of Piraeus and later  the School of Economics and Business in Athens. His first contact with the public was initially as a Directorate of Ministry Program Coordination (1955 - 1956) and then in the Design Department of the Bank of Greece.



Kourouta occupies a prominent position on the beaches of western Peloponnese . The deep blue and golden sand , thanks to its mild climate alive fun from early May to October each year . In Kourouta people have built beautiful recreation areas and roads with bike lanes that connect with Palouki .

Castle Beauvoir

Local monuments

Further up the bay of St. Andrew near Katakolon , 13 km from the tower are the ruins of a medieval fortress that has become known as a Pontikokastro ( ie , Sea Castle , the sea) .

Lighthouse of Katakolo

Local monuments

The lighthouse was built in 1865 Katakolou and the height of tower reaches 9 meters and the focal height of 45 meters. It is of French origin and range in up to 18 to 19 nautical miles. Composed of four rooms , used by the keepers for bedrooms , as well as the turret , which in this mechanism is mounted strobe .

Museum of the Ancient Greek Technology


Renowned and without doubt unrivalled to this day, is the contribution of the ancient Greeks to the field of Philosophy and the Fine Arts.

Municipal Theater "Apollon"

Local monuments

The Theater " Apollon " is located in the center of the tower a few meters from the central square. It was built around 1880 and was the center of intellectual activity in the city, which prospered economically until 1930 . The operation continued until 1960 , it is worth noting that the Ministry of Culture held the monument. In 1987 work began radical repair .

Monastery Panagia Vlaxerna

Monasteries - temples

In the western part of the prefecture of Ilia , 47 km northwest of the city of Pyrgos , near the village of Kato Panagia, 6 km from the castle Chlemoutsi is the Monastery of Vlaherna  . The time of founding is unknown , however, concluded that it is not earlier than the ninth century . As seen from the positions of the Frankish elements , the church began to build the Byzantines in the late 12th century and apoteleiosan Franks , who gave a Catholic monastic order of Glarentzas .

Mycenaean Graves of Dafnis

Archaeological Areas

In Daphne , in position Lakkathela, the excavation of the Mycenaean cemetery continued


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