Solid waste management agency (&) of the Prefecture of Ilia

Aims of the Association are:

a) the temporary storage of solid waste and waste storage specifically for a certain time, at an approved site or facility, until their transfer to an approved treatment facility or disposal.

B) transhipment of solid waste and in particular the movement of the work in the collection, or spaces in other modes of transport, with possible compaction and the construction and operation of transfer stations, whether movable or fixed.

C) exploitation of solid waste, and recycling or work specific to each material or energy recovery.

D) the disposal of waste or residues in accordance with the provisions in force.

E) construction and operation of facilities that will be required.

F) the preparation of the necessary studies, for the taking of such licences, as well as any other studies required by the relevant applicable provisions (adoption of environmental conditions, mood, use permits, transshipment or temporary storage of solid waste, etc).

H)The supply of necessary machinery and materials needed for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Association.

(I) Any other action or jurisdiction provided for under existing provisions for solid waste management entities (&)


Resources of the Association are:

1. contributions of the members – OTA, as these are discussed below.

2. revenue from the property of the Association.

3. Donations, grants and contributions from the Public or other natural or legal persons or organisations.

4. revenue from taxes, fees, and royalties imposed in favour of the Association.

Seat of the Association is the municipality of Gastouni.


"Green" for a wind park in Ilia

The decision approving the environmental conditions for a wind park in the Peloponnese, 38 MW power, signed the Minister of environment, energy and climate change, Yiannis Maniatis.  The Park will be built in the administrative boundaries of municipalities Erymanthoy of Achaia and Ilia Prefecture of ancient Olympia and its construction, according to the MINISTRY, is expected to produce about 46 million. euro in the real economy. In recent months, approved the environmental conditions for a further 23 large wind farms, with a total capacity of 887,7 MW.


Biological Cleaning Katakolon 

Big step for environmental protection of the harbor is the biological purification sewage until recently fell in the harbor, where together with methane emerges due to natural deposits lent one stench in the area, which has fallen sharply.


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